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Urinary Tract and Bladder Infections
      • Urinary Tract Infections are caused when bacteria enters and travels through the urethra or bladder.  Many UTIs are considered bladder infections.  However, if they infection travels to the kidneys, it can become more serious and become a kidney infection.  Although Urinary Tract Infections tend to occur more in women, they can also happen in men and children.
      • Symptoms may include:
          • Pelvic or lower back pain
          • Painful urination
          • Feeling the need to urinate frequently with little output
          • Cloudy or strong-smelling urine
          • Blood in the urine
          • Nausea or vomiting
          • Fever or chills
Rashes, Poison Oak and Poison Ivy
      • A poison ivy or poison oak rash is caused by an oil in the plants called urushiol. The oil is present in the leaves, roots and stems of the plant. Exposure to urushiol causes an allergic reaction or rash in many people.
        • Symptoms of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak include:
          • Red rash at the site of the exposure.  Typically appears within a few hours to a few days after contact.
          • Itching where the contact occurred
          • Swelling
          • Potential red streaks, bumps or blisters
      • Moderate or extreme cases of this rash may require the care of a healthcare professional.  We would encourage you to visit us if:
        • Your rash becomes severe or widespread
        • The rash is on a sensitive area such as the face, mouth, eyes or genitals
        • Blisters are present
        • You experience a fever over 100F
        • (If you experience a severe allergic reaction with swelling and/or difficulty breathing, you should call 911 or seek the immediate care of an emergency room.)

          • Skin Rashes and irritations are very common.  While most are not serious, we understand they can still affect your quality of life. There are a variety of causes ranging from chaffing to food and drug allergies.  While some rashes do not require medical attention, you will want to come see us if:
            • The rash doesn’t go away or show signs of improvement within a few days
            • you experience additional symptoms like joint pain, fever, shortness of breath, or headache.
            • The rash shows signs of infection like warm to touch or oozing
            • The rash occurs shortly after eating, taking medication or being bitten/stung by an insect – in this case you should seek immediate or emergency care.
            • The rash is painful
            • You have recently been exposed to someone with a srep infection
Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea
      • There are many causes of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  Those causes can include bacteria, viruses, parasites, food poisoning, food intolerances, motion sickness, early pregnancy, medication side effects, stomach ulcers, gallbladder disease, infections, heart attack, concussion or brain injury, excessive alcohol use or ingestion of toxins, bowel obstruction, gastroparesis and appendicitis.
      • Although nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are usually not concerning on their own, they can become dangerous or be a result of a more serious heath condition. Come see us if you experience any of the following:
        • Signs of dehydration
        • Nausea that lasts for more than 72 hours
        • Vomiting that lasts for more than 24 hours
        • In children under six years, vomiting that lasts more than a few hours, vomiting and diarrhea occurring together, or lack of urination for 4-6 hours
        • In children over six years of age, lack of urination for 6 hours
        • Possibility of pregnancy
        • Presence of an injury or infection that may be causing the vomiting
        • Diarrhea for more than 48 hours in adults, or 24 hours in children
        • Intense pain in the abdomen or rectum
        • Stools that have blood or pus, or that are black and tarry
        • Fever over 101 degrees
Headaches and Migraines
      • Headaches can be caused by a variety of factors including stress, depression, anxiety, allergies, high blood pressure, lack of sleep, and more.
      • There are several types of headaches that you could be experience. 
        • Those include:
          • Tension headaches
          • Cluster headaches
          • Sinus headaches
          • Migraines. 
    • An assessment by one of our healthcare providers will not only include treatment but our main goal is to help diagnose the type of headache that you are experiencing along with probably cause for future prevention.
Flu, COVID-19 and Common Cold
      • Flu season is October through May and typically peaks in December through February.
        • Symptoms Include:
          • Fever, cough, sore throat, congestion/runny nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea is rare in adults and more common in children. 
      • COVID-19 is a respiratory condition caused by the coronavirus.  Not everyone presents with symptoms (aka asymptomatic).  Most will have mild symptoms but some can have more serious symptoms due to age and underlying health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. 
        • Symptoms Include:
          • Fever, chills, dry cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, congestion/runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea.
      • Common Cold- Colds are caused by viruses and are contagious. While the common cold is often confused with the flu or COVID-19, the symptoms are often less severe. There are more than 100 viruses that cause the common cold and is most commonly seen in the winter.
        • Symptoms Include:
          • Congestion
          • Sneezing
          • Runny Nose
          • Coughing
          • Fever
          • Headaches and body aches
          • Fatigue
      • A fever is not always a bad thing. It’s your body’s way to fight off infections.  Although it can be effective and shows that your body is healthy enough to have a response, there are some cases that it can become troublesome.
      • Those with very high fevers should seek out professional medical attention.  Not only with our providers treat your fever but will also provide a thorough assessment to determine the underlying condition that may have triggered your body’s response. Those illnesses could include:
        • Cold
        • Flu
        • COVID-19
        • Strep Throat
        • Mono
        • Ear Infection
Eye Infections and Pink Eye
      • Pink eye is also called Conjunctivitis. It is the swelling or inflammation or infection of the clear lining on the inside of your eyelid and the white part of your eye.  Pink eye may be caused by viruses (like the common cold), bacteria (like streptococcal) or allergens.
        • Bacterial Conjunctivitis is highly contagious and often results in red eye with pus.
        • Viral Conjunctivitis, while also contagious, usually causes a watery mucous discharge. This type of pink eye is caused by the same virus that causes the common cold.
        • Allergic Conjunctivitis is not contagious and is caused by your body reacting to an allergen or irritant.  The primary form of this pink eye is itching.
        • Symptoms Include:
          • Redness
          • Light sensitivity
          • Itching or burning
          • Discharge
          • Tearing
          • A gritty feeling
          • Crust on your eyelids or lashes
          • Feeling like something is stuck in your eye
Ear, Throat and Sinus Infections
      • Sinus infections occur when your nasal cavities become swollen, inflamed or infected.  This buildup can cause bacteria to grow in the sinuses leading to an infection.  If this infection lasts longer than 8 weeks or recurs frequently, it could be considered a chronic sinus infection.
        • Sinus infections are most commonly caused by colds and allergies and often lasts after other upper respiratory symptoms have resolved.
        • Symptoms Include:
          • Thick nasal discharge
          • Congestion
          • Face or eye pressure or pain
          • Headache
          • Fever
      • Ear infections occur when there is fluid buildup in the ear that causes blockages and inflammation. The ear is divided into the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear.
        • Inner
          • An inner ear infection may actually be a case of inflammation and not an actual infection.  In addition to ear pain, you may also experience the following:
            • Dizziness
            • Nausea
            • Vomiting
            • Vertigo
            • Sudden hearing loss
        • Middle
          • A middle ear infection is caused by fluid trapped behind the eardrum which causes the eardrum to bulge.  In addition to an earache, you may also sense fullness in your ear as well as a fever.
        • Outer
          • An outer ear infection starts as an itchy rash causing the ear to become painful, tender, red and swollen.
Strep Throat
        • Strep throat is a contagious bacterial infection caused by the streptococcal bacteria. There are various types of this bacteria which range in severity.  Symptoms of strep throat may be similar to symptoms of a sore throat from viral causes. However, with strep throat you will most likely not experience a runny nose or cough. 
          • Symptoms Include:
            • Pain with swallowing
            • Fever
            • Swollen lymph nodes
            • Swollen red tonsils with possibly white patchy areas
    • Strep Throat
    • Flu
    • Mono
    • Urine Tests
    • COVID-19
    • RSV
    • Pregnancy Tests
    • STD Testing
    • Glucose Testing for Diabetes
    • Rapid COVID-19 PCR Testing (less than 1 hr results)
Wellness, Prevention and Occupational Wellness Services

    • Sport Physicals
    • Occupational Health Services – Here at Agenacare, we can offer you a comprehensive range of services customizable to fit your company’s needs. We are open 7 days a week and appointments are not necessary at our brick-and-mortar. You can trust us to take exceptional care of your employees.  Please see below for ways that we can help you and your employees:
      • Work related injuries
      • DOT Physicals
      • Urine Drug Screening
      • Breath Alcohol Testing
      • Pre-Employment Physicals
      • Titer testing
      • Flu Vaccine
      • On-site Injuries
      • On-site medical services

We understand how important your employees are and the detrimental effects an injury can cause.  It can have a major impact on your business.  The combination of low morale, high medical bills, decrease in worker’s productivity, and increase in HR paperwork can be very costly. Let us take that worry off of you by helping care for your employees.

NOTE: Last screening performed at 5pm.

Foreign Object Removal
    • Foreign object removal is necessary whenever external objects enters into the body by ingestion, insertion or by accident. While foreign bodies such as splinters don’t typically cause serious harm, some can lead to significant complications if unaddressed. Ones that are more deeply embedded in the skin or muscle may require medical intervention.
      • When to seek medical attention:
        • If the injury involves the eye or is close to the eye
        • The object is deep or dirty.
        • The object is hard to see or doesn’t come out easily (for example a fish hook).
Abrasions, Cuts & Lacerations
      • If you have a minor cut or abrasion, you typically may not require a doctor’s visit. However, you may need medical intervention if your laceration is deep, caused by a sharp object or causes rapid bleeding. The wound is on your face. You may be expiring an abrasion if your injury is milder by only affecting the top layer of your skin. 
        • When to seek medical attention:
          • The wound is jagged or gape open, the cut is deeper than 1/4 inch, or you can see fat or muscle.
          • You have a puncture wound or a cut from something dirty or metal and haven’t had a tetanus shot in the past 5 years.
          • The wound is from an animal or human bite.
          • The injured area feels numb.
    • Always watch for signs of an infection.  If your wound is not healing or begins to show any of the following signs, be sure to come see us:
  • Redness, swelling, and warmth
  • Increasing pain
  • Pus or drainage from the cut
  • Fever
  • Red streaks around the wound
X-ray Services
    • In order to ensure you get the right answers, we offer digital x-rays.  Digital imaging uses sensors instead of traditional photographic film to create a clearer image and instant view.  This allows us to provide a faster and more accurate diagnosis.
Ultrasound Services
    • An ultrasound is a non-invasive and painless procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves as a way to capture live images from inside the body. It allows your physician to see problems with organs, vessels and tissues without using radiation.
    • We can perform ultrasounds of the following organs:
      • Bladder
      • Gallbladder
      • Kidneys
      • Liver
      • Ovaries
      • Pancreas
      • Spleen
      • Thyroid
      • Uterus
      • Testicles
      • Abdomen
    • We also offer OB/Pregnancy Ultrasound packages.  This is a way for you see and hear your baby whenever you would like.  This service is by appointment only and is not covered by insurance. *These are non-diagnostic ultrasounds and you must be established with a OB/GYN prior to the scans*
Fractures, Sprains and Dislocations
    • We are able to treat fractures, sprains, strains, and dislocations. We have X-Ray services on-site in order to quickly and accurately diagnose. In addition, we are able to splint and cast if needed.
    • Dehydration can come on quickly.  That’s why we offer IV Fluids. 
    • IV Fluids is a safe and effective way to get rehydrate the body. 
    • Please visit us if you are experiencing mild to moderate dehydration symptoms, such as:
      • Increased or constant vomiting for more than 24 hours
      • Fever over 101F, but less than 103F
      • Diarrhea for more than 48 hours
      • Weight loss
      • Decreased urine output
      • Weakness
Blood Draws
    • We utilize Quest & LabCorp for all blood specimen processing
    • Also called an electrocardiogram, is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heart.  We may order an EKG if you are experiencing symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting or heart palpitations.
Immunizations & Vaccines
    • Td (Tetanus)
    • Flu Vaccine
What we DO NOT do
  • We do not give or prescribe narcotics or pain medications.
  • We do not take the place of the hospital emergency room.  If you are experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, we advise you to call 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Packages

Do I need an appointment?

Yes.  Our pregnancy ultrasounds are by appointment only.  

How many people can come with me to watch the session?
We know this is an exciting time for you. However, due to the size of the room, we ask that you limit the number of guests to no more than 2.
Do you take insurance?
Since these sessions are limited-diagnostic and optional, we are unable to bill insurance. Therefore, they are cash pay only at the rates listed for each package. We do take cash, credit and debit cards.
Are ultrasounds safe?
Yes! Having been in use for pregnancies for the past 35 to 40 years, ultrasounds are considered safe with virtually no associated risks.
What should I do to prepare for my ultrasound?

Hydrate! Hydration is very important in getting good quality pictures. We advise you to start drinking extra water 3-5 days before your appointment.

We also would recommend eating something sweet and arriving a little early to take a short walk in the parking lot to wake your baby up!

*Disclaimer* This service is not meant to replace your complete diagnostic ultrasound with your healthcare provider. Every patient must be established with an OB/GYN prior to their appointment with us.

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